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Our trial attorneys at Stern & Williams, PLLC understand how quickly legal issues can upend your life. With a combined 30 years of experience in the courts of Hamilton County, Rebecca Stern & Kristen Williams have the resources to resolve your legal issues. 

Whether you are charged with a DUI, have been served with an order of protection, or have been arrested for a violent felony offense, our firm knows how to help you navigate the system and protect your rights.  When your family is torn apart by divorce or a child custody dispute, we are here to help with sound decision making that will protect you in the short term while also supporting your long term goals, as you put your life back together.  


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“[Williams & Stern] were able to get the case completely expunged from my record so that not even the arrest will be shown on my record. They were professional and treated me with respect, like I was a person of worth from start to finish. Thank you Attorneys Kristen Williams and retired Judge Stern.”
— Francisco, March 2017