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Rebecca took our case and has taken cases of others we know and has performed exceptionally well in each instance. Being the former senior judge in Hamilton seemed to be a big plus as it gave her instant credibility in each courtroom....She was able to take a charge that carried a minimum of 8 years and got it dismissed just before our first court appearance because of some extra research work she did with another case...I don’t think there are many attorneys that would have been clever enough to do what she was able to do, or would have the abilty to do what she did to get our case dismissed.
— Michelle S., January 2018
8.4Rebecca June Stern

“When I was needing some legal help a friend of mine recommend Ms. Williams. I was not disappointed. [...] She responds to calls, text and emails which is a huge help for someone who is literally scared to death. She seems to take a personal interest and often checked on me during a 90 day break between hearings...[I]…would not hesitate for a moment to hire her again and recommend her to anyone needing sincere help.”
— Marty, January 2018
Kristen D. WilliamsReviewsout of 5 reviews

“Kristen, it was an honor and a privilege to have someone like you represent me...you believed in me...and fought hard for me and my family...I am forever grateful for you and your firm.”
— T.W., December 2017

“My attorneys Kristen Williams and [Rebecca] Stern were well connected and able to get my case dismissed before court was even in session...They were professional and treated me with respect, like I was a person of worth from start to finish...Thank you Attorneys Kristen Williams and retired Judge Stern.”
— Francisco, March 2017
Rebecca June SternReviewsout of 1 review

“My case was very difficult and the odds seemed set against me. That was until I was referred to Kristen Williams. She blew me away with how dedicated she was to my case...Aside from her being a great lawyer she is also a great person...she genuinely cares about her clients. To her, you are a person in need, not just another case file. She is amazing...I’m telling you guys if you are in trouble call Kristen Williams.”
— Joe, August 2017